Centre for Romanesque and Territorial Studies

Logo of the Centre for Romanesque and Territorial Studies. In lands of the Tâmega and Sousa, there is an important architectural heritage of Romanesque origin.

Its richness and uniqueness is expressed in its 58 monuments, including monasteries, churches, chapels, memorials, bridges, castles and towers, which comprise the Route of the Romanesque.

The production and dissemination of knowledge, crucial for the understanding of this historical and patrimonial legacy, is one of the goals of the Route of the Romanesque that, by embracing a wider mission, seeks to open new perspectives to understand and feel the evolution this territory has had over centuries of experiences.

The Centre for Romanesque and Territorial Studies, which is grounded on the development of an editorial line, among other pillars, embodies such will and clearly stands out as a strategic project to achieve that goal.