I Congresso Internacional da Rota do Românico

A territory embodies the memory of an event. Its distinctive features, expressed in the way man settled in space, are revealing of the values, lifestyles and experiences of the community, which built, inhabited and experienced it.

Evidence of an identity and a collective memory, the heritage claims itself as an irreplaceable resource and boosts local, regional, and national dynamics.  Its protection, valorization and use, either with social, scientific or pedagogical goals, depicts the pattern of the territory development strategies.

The Romanesque heritage represents a masterful example of cultural and territorial identity. The Romanesque is an artistic model deeply connected to the European genesis. It takes on a larger meaning in the Tâmega and Sousa region due to its close relationship with the peoples and families who had the leading role in the foundation of the Portuguese Nationality.

The preservation and promotion of this important legacy has been guiding the procedures of the Route of the Romanesque, bearing in mind a broader mission: to be a factor of social cohesion and engine of development for the Tâmega and Sousa region. This development cannot be separated from the region’s touristic attractive effort, laying on the product dynamization, the Route of the Romanesque is able to assume a major role on the cultural and landscape touring.

Considering the importance of research, debate and knowledge spreading, it is intended that the 1st International Congress of the Route of the Romanesque becomes a moment of large and multidisciplinary discussion and reflection, devoted to heritage and to its role in the development and promotion of a territory.
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