Monastery of Saint Peter of Ferreira


The Romanesque of the Sousa, Douro and Tâmega valleys presents very peculiar and regional features which make it unique within the context of Portuguese Romanesque.  Contemporary to the foundation of Portugal and with an intimate connection to the people and families who led the foundation of our Nationality, the Romanesque architecture of the region is also a testimony of the important role that this territory has once played in the history of nobility and religious orders in Portugal.

In these lands inhabited some of the noblest families of the beginning of the Nationality, as the Ribadouro family, of which descends Egas Moniz, the famous schoolmaster and governor of D. Afonso Henriques, whose tomb can be visited at the Monastery of Paço de Sousa, the Sousa or Sousões family and the Baião family.

The richness of the Romanesque architecture in the region is also highlighted by the diversity of typologies, as expressed in the monuments of the Route of the Romanesque: monasteries, churches, chapels, bridges, castles, towers and memorials.