Historical Figures

History is a flow in constant motion: past events influence future occurrences, the present is made up of the much longer lived and paves the way for what is to come. Talking about the History of this territory is also recalling some of the prominent figures who have influenced, lived, and owned these lands. At the risk of not mentioning important personalities in the History of Tâmega and Sousa, in this period and historical context, here is a short list of the most influential figures at the time.

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    • Afonso Henriques, King

      Afonso I, well-known by his name as prince, D. Afonso Henriques (Coimbra, Guimarães or Viseu, 1109 (?) - Coimbra, 1185), was the first King of Portugal, conquering the independence of Portugal from the Kingdom of Leon.

    • Aires Gomes da Silva

      Aires Gomes da Silva was a military man of the fifteenth century. Born into a renowned Portuguese family, originating from the Kings of Leon.

    • Almançor, Abu Amir Muhammad

      Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abi Amir, Al-Hajib Al-Mansur Abu (Torrox, Malaga, 938 - Medinaceli, August 8th, 1002) was the governor of Al-Andalus, former Arabic name of the region of Andalusia, in Spain, in the end of the 10th century early 11th century.

    • Arnaus, Master

      This would have been a particularly imaginative artist with technical skills far above his peers, the most interesting painter of frescoes of the Portuguese Renaissance.

    • Egas Moniz de Ribadouro

      The nobleman Egas Moniz (? -1146), descendant of an important family of Entre-Douro-e-Minho, to whom the education of the King D. Afonso Henriques was entrusted.

    • Estêvão Anes, Abbot D.

      Abbot D. Estêvão Anes was in charge of the Monastery of Saint Peter of Cête from 1278, and died in 1323.

    • Gil Martins de Ribavizela

      D. Gil Martins de Ribavizela (1210 - ?) was a Portuguese military of the reign of King D. Afonso III, chamberlain to that same king, from 1253 to 1264.

    • Gomes Eciegas

      He was born in 1024 and died in 1102. He was the son of Count D. Aciega Visóis, Lord of Basto, and of D. Aragunta Soares.

    • Gonçalo Mendes de Sousa

      Known as the Good, was born in 1124. Son of Mem Viegas de Sousa and counsellor of King D. Afonso Henriques who, in 1155, gave him a royal estate in “Couto” [place of privileges] of Pombeiro and recognized as lord and ruler of the “Terra” [territory].

    • Gonçalo Oveques

      D. Gonçalo Oveques, founder of the Monastery of Saint Peter of Cête fought by the side of Gonçalo Mendes da Maia, the Lidador, friend of King D. Afonso Henriques and responsible for numerous and epic conquests in the battle field.

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