Capon-Flavoured Weekend

Monastery of Saint Peter of Ferreira Hill Fort of Sanfins Archaeological Museum of the Hill Fort of Sanfins Monastery of Saint Peter of Cête

The meat of a capon has always been seen as a typical delicacy in the royal banquets and repasts. Many historians and chroniclers refer it as being able to rival, quality and refinement, many other birds that were served on the king's table, such as the partridge, the pheasant or woodcock. The act of castrating dates back to Roman times...

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Programme of the Visit

1st day

2nd day

3rd day

1st day - Friday

MORNING Lunch at the restaurant Citânia
AFTERNOON Monastery of Saint Peter of Ferreira
The Church of the Monastery of Saint Peter of Ferreira is one of the most unique Portuguese Romanesque monuments. In addition to the excellence of its architecture, this Church harmoniously combines elevations and ornamental motifs from different regions and workshops. Borderline to the main façade, the ruins of an ante-churche or galilee with a funeral function, excellent testimony of this type of construction.
EVENING Check-in and dinner at the hotel

2nd day - Saturday

MORNING Breakfast at the hotel
Hill Fort of Sanfins
Fortified village from the Iron Age (centuries I BC to I AD), romanized with medieval and modern reoccupations. Here lies one of the most important archaeological sites of the Castro culture of the Peninsular Northwest.
Tasting of "Brisas do Pilar" and "Rochas da Citânia"
Archaeological Museum of the Hill Fort of Sanfins 
This museum is sheltered in an 18th century building, known as the Church House or The Manor of Brandões, integrated in a group of historic sites that also includes the ancient parish spaces.
 Lunch - Capon a la Freamunde at the restaurant Paços Ferrara Hotel
AFTERNOON Monastery of Saint Peter of Cête
A visit to this Monastery still shows how ancient the roots of the territorial organization of the parish are. It also clarifies the important role that the Religious Orders have played in the formation and consolidation of the kingdom. In the 10th and 11th centuries, the period of the Reconquest, the presence of a church was the best sign of the territory’s organization and population.
EVENING Dinner at the hotel

3rd day - Sunday 

MORNING Breakfast at the hotel and check-out
Quinta da Tapada
Located in the lush valley of the river Mesio, place of great natural beauty where a bucolic landscape prevails and the admiration for nature is more expressive. Time to visit the beautiful garden of camellias and taste the wines and cheeses that are produced in this 18th century farm.
Lunch at the restaurant Brazão

Price per person in double room:

Hotel Quinta do Pinheiro****: 292,00€
Hotel Quinta da Vista Alegre****: 286,00€
Paços Ferrara Hotel***: 266,00€
VAT included
Children from 5 to 9: 50%

The price includes two nights on a bed and breakfast scheme, admission at the indicated locations, touring by an official guide, guided tour to the monuments of Route of the Romanesque by a qualified heritage expert, meals and tastings mentioned, tranfers*, transportation and personal injury insurance.

Minimum number of participants: 20.

Customisable standard programme, subject to availability and reconfirmation of prices.

Dates: December.

* Transfers to and from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro (Porto).

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