Touristic Programmes  

  • Thermal Circuit
    "Barcas de por Deus" ("Barges of God") Come and enjoy a relaxing weekend in the warm waters of the Baths of Aregos, here since the 12th century, when D. Mafalda, Queen of Portugal, commissioned the construction of an inn, a first one of the many thermal spas which followed over time.
  • Church of Saint Vincent of Sousa
    A Day in the Romanesque - Benedictine Monasteries The Tâmega and Sousa holds a unique collection of Romanesque monuments. Castles, towers, bridges, memorials, monasteries and churches make this area a perfect combination of culture and leisure.
  • City of Porto
    Across the Lands of Tâmega and Sousa Unveil the wonders of this territory, origin of Portuguese nationality, walking the millenarian paths that go back to the times of King Afonso Henriques. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed with the hidden treasures of Tâmega and Sousa.
  • House of António Nobre
    Among Words and Flavours We invite you to take a different ride, where the flavours of this land and the words of famous writers merge into a unique programme.
  • Monastery of Saint Peter of Ferreira
    Capon-Flavoured Weekend The meat of a capon has always been seen as a typical delicacy in the royal banquets. Historians and chroniclers refer it as being able to rival many other birds that were served on the king's table, such as the partridge, the pheasant or woodcock.
  • Historical Centre of Amarante
    Experiences in the Romanesque - Painting on Tiles The tile has become a decorative element in many countries. In Portugal it has, for over five centuries now, stood as an important support for artistic expression. Discover your talent and feel like a real master!
  • Thermal Circuit
    Follow the Steps of Princess Mafalda - Health and Well-Being Learn about some of the monuments connected, according to legend, to the life and work of Princess Mafalda, granddaughter of King Afonso Henriques. Take to opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries in the Baths of São Vicente.
  • Workshop on Traditional Pastry and Jams
    Romanesque of Senses and Flavours Inhale the scents of the countryside. Learn to bake the traditional pastry and jams. Surrender to the small pleasures of life and taste the tempting flavours of the region.
  • Monastery of Saint Andrew of Ancede
    Romanesque Traditions - Cherry Festival For two days, cherries give a different colour to Resende, while several folklore and traditional music bands animate the village.
  • Saint Martin
    Romanesque Traditions - Saint Martin's Fair "By Saint Martin, go to the cellar and taste the wine...”. This is a good opportunity to do justice to this Portuguese adage. For ten days, the Saint Martin’s Fair, in Penafiel, recreates the traditional Feast of New Wine and Chestnuts.
  • Monastery of Saint Mary of Pombeiro
    Romanesque with the Family - Children's Programme Notice the happiness of your children while playing and having fun. Take the opportunity and have fun with them as they depart to discover the Route of the Romanesque.
  • Monastery of the Saviour of Travanca
    The Romanesque and the Mountains Inebriate yourself with the scents of the earth every step of the way. Take constant breaks, look around you and enjoy the tranquillity of the landscape. Let yourself be moved by the bucolic beauty of a territory that remains untouched.
  • Procession of “Endoenças”
    The Romanesque in a Illuminated Valley Following a tradition of over three centuries, on Maundy Thursday the banks of the Douro and Tâmega light up again to welcome one of the most unique religious events of the Tâmega and Sousa: the procession of “Endoenças”.
  • Monastery of Saint Mary of Cárquere
    The Romanesque throughout Douro Valley Embrace the unique landscape of the Douro. Through the water mirrors of this unique heritage, allow yourself to be enchanted by the scenic grandeur of the monuments that gaze upon them...
  • Hiking
    Through Medieval Trails and Paths The morning wakes beautiful and pleasant, inviting to a nice walk along paths that lead to unforgettable sights. Inhale the wild aromas emanating from the trees, feel the freshness of the rivers and let yourself be rocked by the sun which warms the soul.