Belvedere of Teixeirô - Rota do Românico

Belvedere of Teixeirô

Teixeirô, Cinfães

41.087833, -8.085794

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One of the most privileged belvederes in the entire Tâmega and Sousa region. It allows observing, among other points of interest, the Douro valley, the Pala dam, the Douro railway line, the towns of Ribadouro, Porto Manso (Portuguese Village), Porto Antigo, Boassas (Portuguese Village), the bridge of Mosteirô, the mouth of the river Bestança and the summits of the Montemuro Mountain. Far away, on the other bank, it is still possible to see the Monastery of Saint Andrew of Ancede, in Baião, a monument from the Route of the Romanesque.