Castromil Gold Mines - Rota do Românico

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Castromil Gold Mines

Rua de Castromil, Sobreira, Paredes

41.155838, -8.386498

+351 255 788 973

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Located in Castromil – a settlement that is part of the network of "Aldeias de Portugal" [Villages of Portugal] –, these mines offer you the opportunity to visit an extensive heritage associated with mining activities that began in the Roman period.

But if you would like to feel like a real miner, before beginning your underground explorations, visit to the interpretative centre of the Castromil and Banjas gold mines. Here you will learn a bit more about geology, mining archaeology, mining and the Roman occupation in this territory. These mines are part of the Route of Mines & Mining and Geological Points of Interest of Portugal. Your visit should be booked in advance.