Douro Railway Line - Rota do Românico

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Douro Railway Line

Terronhas (Paredes) a Ermida (Baião)

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The first sections of the Douro Railway Line, departing from Porto, were inaugurated in the already distant year of 1875.
However, much like in the 19th century, this railway line is still one of the most interesting means of transportation to (re)discover the enchanted valley of the river Douro.
The Douro Railway Line crosses the territory of the Route of the Romanesque, travelling through the municipalities of Paredes, Penafiel, Lousada, Amarante, Marco de Canaveses and Baião.
We could not remain indifferent to this privilege so, in this document, we list the monuments of the Route of the Romanesque and other attractions that are located within 3 km from the railway line’s stations.