Montemuro Mountain Bike Centre - Rota do Românico

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Montemuro Mountain Bike Centre

Gralheira, Cinfães, Viseu

41.004746, -7.971218

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Known as the 'Princess of the Mountain', the village of Gralheira stands out as the perfect place for those who love adventure and nature sports, in Montemuro. The Adventure Mountain Bike Centre was set up following the renovation of the former Primary School of Gralheira, which is now equipped with a reception area, a multi-purpose room, a kitchen, changing rooms and sanitary facilities, as well as a service station to assist mountain bikers.

From this Mountain Bike Centre, you can discover nine circular routes and explore the entire Montemuro mountain range and the Bestança, Ardena and Cabrum valleys. The 'Centro Cyclin'Portugal de Montemuro' network, approved by the Portuguese Cycling Federation, covers the municipalities of Cinfães and Resende, comprising two main entries (Gralheira [Cinfães] and Felgueiras [Resende]) and three secondary ones (Feirão [Resende], Bustelo/Alhões and Nespereira [Cinfães]), with a total of 122 km of marked trails and 302 km of available routes.