Sanctuary of Our Lady Appeared - Rota do Românico

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Sanctuary of Our Lady Appeared

Torno, Lousada

41.290556, -8.209722

+351 255 911 106

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The grand Chapel of Our Lady of Conception is the centre of the great pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Apparition [Senhora Aparecida] that, every August, since 1823, brings thousands of people to this place, to take part in one of the busiest and most authentic pilgrimages in the region. The “Great Processional Litter”, assembled on the 14th, is one of the largest of the world and it is carried by almost 80 men. It is 22.52 meters high and weighs 1300 kilograms. At the entrance of the chapel, you can learn about the legend of Our Lady of the Apparition.