Tâmega Eco-track - Celorico de Basto - Rota do Românico

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Tâmega Eco-track - Celorico de Basto

Cabeceiras de Basto - Celorico de Basto - Amarante

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On foot, on roller blades, or by bike? How you enjoy the Tâmega eco-track is entirely up to you. Set up along a railway line which was decommissioned on 1 January, 1990, the Tâmega eco-track is smooth and accessible to everyone, with a very slight slope.
From the Celorico de Basto central station you can choose to go north, to Arco de Baúlhe (17.2 km), in Cabeceiras de Basto, or south, to Amarante (21.9 km); either way, you'll always be accompanied by extraordinary views over the Tâmega valley.