Pedagogical Project 2023-2024 - Rota do Românico

Designed to supplement the school curriculum, the 2023-2024 Pedagogical Project aims to allow students to enjoy a special day in the Route of the Romanesque, discovering the Romanesque style, the society and the culture of the Middle Ages in the Sousa, Douro and Tâmega valleys.

Skills being acquired

  • Creating a sense of belonging and identification with the Route of the Romanesque;
  • Being familiar with the territories of the Sousa, Douro, and Tâmega rivers;
  • Knowing the figures linked to the Middle Ages;
  • Being able to identify Romanesque architecture and its elements;
  • Integrating Romanesque into the historical context: the country's foundation; the role of churches and monasteries in social and cultural life;
  • Identifying heritage as something that is in permanent evolution and that belongs to us all, and learning to preserve it;
  • Identifying Romanesque art as a European heritage.

Virtual Classroom Plan

  1. Presentation of the Pedagogical Project 2023-2024 and its approach to heritage, the Route of the Romanesque, the elements of Romanesque style, and Portugal's foundation;
  2. Analysis of the Children's Map and identification of the Route of the Romanesque monuments located in the school's Municipality;
  3. Carrying out activity No. 20 of the Activity Book;
  4. Virtual visit of the Route of the Romanesque monument that is closest to the school;
  5. Assembling the Scale Model of the aforementioned monument.

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