Birthday parties - Rota do Românico

Do you want an original, cultural and really fun birthday party? Now you can have it... The Route of the Romanesque fulfils your wish at the Interpretation Centre of the Romanesque, in Lousada, as follows...

- 10:00 am (or 2:30 pm): guided tour to the Interpretation Centre of the Romanesque;

- 10:30 am (or 3:00 pm): pedagogical workshop:
Option 1 - Mural Painting;
Option 2 - Create your Mark;
Option 3 - Boardgames.

- 12:00 pm (or 4h30 pm): afternoon snacks, prepared by the Route of the Romanesque, excluding the birthday cake.

General information
After a tolerance of 15 minutes, the party will start regardless of the number of children present.

There must be at least 2 and up to a maximum of 4 adults per group present at the party from beginning to end. Any damages caused to the Interpretation Centre of the Romanesque's facilities, equipment or museological content will be the responsibility of those adults.

The birthday boy/girl and 4 adults get free entrance.

The activity will only take place with a minimum of 10 children (or at an equivalent cost when the number of children is lower).

The organization must receive the payment and information about the number of participants at least 3 days before the party is held.

These birthday parties, promoted by the Route of the Romanesque, can also take place at the Interpretation Centre of Romanesque Sculpture (in Abragão, Penafiel) or at the Paredes Information Centre, next to the Municipal Library.

Price: 8€ per child
Participants: children aged 6 to 14
No. of Participants: 10 (minimum, or equivalent cost) and 30 (maximum)
Days: Saturdays or Sundays
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm or 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Bookings: registration form here.
Contacts: Route of the Romanesque | Educational Service, telephone +351 255 810 706,