Church of Saint Isidore of Canaveses - Rota do Românico

A small Church, whose primitive Romanesque style appears in good condition.

Built in the second half of the 13th century on a small plateau, it was dedicated to bishop Saint Isidore.

In its structure, the elaborate main portal stands out. The logs of the archivolts connect it to the Romanesque of the city of Porto, the prismatic and cylindrical shafts that support them resemble the Romanesque scattered through the basin of the Sousa and the palmettes in the lines of ashlars connect it to the Braga-Rates axis.

Inside, the light passes through narrow crevices that accentuate the divestment stipulated by the restoration carried out in 1977.

The triumphal arch that separates the chancel from the nave, is slightly broken and devoid of any ornament. The fresco that covers part of the back wall of the chancel stands out.

Dated 1536 and signed by painter Moraes, the pictorial set is presented as a triptych which, read from left to right, shows the Virgin and Child, Saint Isidore and Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

On the side walls, one can still observe, on the left side, Saint Michael weighing souls and, on the right, Saint James, the Apostle, dressed as a pilgrim.

Type: Church

Classification: National Monument - 2013

Route: Tâmega Valley

1115 - First reference to Santo Isidoro de Ribatâmega;

13th century (2nd half) - Possible construction of the Church of Saint Isidore of Canaveses, according to the remaining Romanesque traces;

1520 - The parish appears documented as being dedicated to Santo Isydro;

1536 - Date inscribed on the remaining mural painting panel of Saint Isidore, accompanied by the signature Moraes;

18th century - Saint Isidore is shown as belonging to the patronage of Travanca;

1976 - Discovery of the mural painting of Saint Isidore;

1990s - Records regarding several conservation works;

2010 - Integration of the Church of Saint Isidore of Canaveses in the Route of the Romanesque;

2013 - The Church of Saint Isidore is classified as National Monument;

2017 - Conservation works on the roof of the sacristy, under the scope of the Route of the Romanesque;

2021 - Conservation works, under the scope of the Route of the Romanesque, on the roofs, walls, openings, floors and ceilings of the Church, and enhancement of the churchyard.

Saint Isidore - 4th April

By appointment

Saturday - 5 pm

Monument not accessible to visitors with reduced mobility.

+351 255 810 706

+351 918 116 488

How to get here:

41.207635, -8.144185

Igreja, Santo Isidoro, Marco de Canaveses, Porto

By Train
Douro Railroad (Porto-Marco Urban Trains or Porto-Régua/Pocinho Regional Trains), with exits at Livração station (1.6 km from Church of Saint Isidore). Check here for all the schedules and price table.

By Car

Northern Portugal: A28/A3/A24/A7/A11 » A4 (Vila Real) » Marco de Canaveses » Rota Românico/Igreja de Santo Isidoro.

Porto: A4 (Vila Real) » Marco de Canaveses » Rota Românico/Igreja de Santo Isidoro.

Central/Southern Portugal: A1 (Porto)/ A29 (V.N. Gaia) » A41 CREP » A4 (Vila Real) » Marco de Canaveses » Rota Românico/Igreja de Santo Isidoro.

Marco de Canaveses: N211 Penafiel » Rota Românico/Igreja de Sobretâmega/Igreja de Santo Isidoro.